how do i know when im ready for first web cam lesson

I recently purchased the pro bundle with 3 1hour lessons.

They sent me an email telling me to send them a response.
They want me to tell them how I want to book the first lesson.
I am reluctant to do so.

Quick history of me.

I have been singing for 30 plus years. (if you could call it that.)
I have no formal coaching, only a lifetime of
beating on a guitar and torturing my voice.

I sing on nights and weekends for myself.
Its my favorite pastime.
On occasion I have entertained a couple friends.
Usually though,( it's just for me.)

I love to sing
Right or wrong I cant stop myself.
I'm loving the vol. 1 scales.
It's like singing along to my favorite songs.
It really feels good to sing those notes fluently.

I'm in no hurry to sing amazingly.
I'm not in a band with a show in 3months.
I don't plan on singing karaoke this weekend.
I just love singing along with the warm ups.

In my opinion KTVA vol. 1
is the best sing along album ever recorded.
(And I know all the words.)
that's an introduction of me.

My question is this.
How do I gauge myself vocally.
To know that I'm ready for a lesson.

I want to make the most of it.
Not wasting any ones time.
I just want to be my best.
Even if my best is LAHH.



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
    Hi, Tony.

    You're in a good place. You're happy with where you are vocally, for the time being. There are tons of students who would love to swap places with you and have 3 lessons just waiting for them.

    Maybe you could just respond and let them know that you want to wait a while. Sometimes Ken gets slammed with a lot of people wanting lessons or help from him all at once, so they may just be trying to get a reasonable schedule worked out in advance.

    Just keep enjoying the journey on Volume 1, and at some point the notion will strike you that it's about time you used one of your lessons. Maybe you'll go on to Volume 2 before you want to supercharge your voice. The thing about lessons with Ken is that he is so focused on you when you work with him, that he sees and hears things that fly right past anybody else, and your head spins at how accurate his assessments are. He will give you a lot of things to work on, specific to your voice, that will help to move you along towards your vocal goals.

    So when you're ready for a reality check and a quantum leap in your understanding, that would be a good time to book a lesson. At that point, it's all about you and your voice.

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    AloisAlois Pro Posts: 50
    Welcome Tony! You did the right thing! Check out the part of the forum called "Student progress reports"
    Record yourself doing the basic "Lah" scale and you can post it there if you want. Moderators and members will listen to it and give you great advice on what parts of the voice you should work with and how. I've not done anny webcam lessons yet, i hope do do them tho! But this forum and the feedback you get here (for FREE!!)
    Is worth the cash you spend on the DVDs alone!

    And ofcourse if you want you can post yourself doing actual songs there, i do that mostly to get over the "stage fright" i have. Im not really afraid of stages but im like you. I sing mostly to my self and some times my friends.
    So the forum is for me a great way to practice just letting other people hear your stuff.
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    kaulferskaulfers Pro Posts: 300

    Similar story as yours. I had no song to practice, although he ask me to have one I'd like to try. We did a lot of scale work, and Ken let me know where I stood and where I should go with the training.

    It's great to get the feedback live, and for me at the time was pitch. Although I did stretch chest up to C5 that lesson (after good hours warm-up before the lesson) I couldn't hold a tune in a wheel barrel.

    Submit a few recordings for the forum members to listen to as you'll get a lot of great feedback.
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