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PeteMurphyPeteMurphy Enrolled Posts: 95
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Hi Ken,

regarding my web consult earlier - one thing I did mean to ask, but completely forgot about...

When I sang for you, I belted out one of my band's original songs, but I meant to ask you about singing softer (like singing a ballad that doesn't require a big, loud, belting sound).

Singing softly is something that I really struggle with, and I find that I always have to increase the volume and pressure to sound in any way convincing and not have the notes sound weak and too 'airy' (I find singing loud and belting a lot easier, but some songs just don't require that kind of thing). Is it a case of trying to do my daily workout softly and then gradually working it into songs?

Many thanks for all the help :-)


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    Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 446

    Depending on what part of your register you are talking about Pete. If you are referring to a mix voice up around Ab4 to D5. This is an art if you are trying to stay in chest. When I am singing in this register with a gentle approach, about 60-70% of it is a head voice mix (again in terms of trengthened bright timbral falsetto mixed with chest. This is where keeping the throat open (without regurgitation is an absolute must)

    Try first with a bright 100 % falsetto voice and then work on trying to pull in and out of chest voice.

    This will help you with the feeling in the throat I am trying to get you to understand and sustain.

    After a while of doing this it becomes more and more natural.

    You will probably notice you are already doing this when you cross the passagio moving into head voice.

    It is this same feeling...only sustained with an ability to control the mix

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    jaredjared Enrolled Posts: 3

    Hey Ken,

    I just started on volume 3 and Ive noticed its definatley more difficult than volumes 1 and 2. I am getting ready to leave for 2 years. I am going on a mission for my church. I am going to bring my mp4 with me so that hopefully I can still find time to practice. I am hoping to be able to do it regularly but if I cant, then should i continue on volume 3 or should I back down to volume 1 or 2?

    Thanks, Jared!

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