Hi from Kansas!!!

My name is Rob, I am a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. NAVY and more importantly for this forum I am a tenor. I am currently singing lead for a Christian rock band in Kansas City called "Even If..." I started singing at 4 years old, performing solos in front my church at first and later in multiple "Bar Bands". I always thought of myself as a good singer, but I had no formal instruction. The turning point for me was the first time I hit the studio, WOW... did my eyes get opened, I heard all the little things that I was doing wrong and I was determined to get better. I looked everywhere for a vocal instructor eventually found a local female Opera Singer. I was a little disappointed after 6 months of lessons and over $600.00, the only thing I had learned was how to do a vocal warm up and how to use my Opera voice (which I didn't know I had). It didn't help me too much on my recording and I was getting very frustrated because the things I needed to learn she couldn't do or even explain. That's when I found KTVA. Ken is amazing and his students rock as well. I learned new things the very first day and I was re energized to improve my voice. I plan on posting some videos and audio and I would very much appreciate any constructive criticism and pointers any of you might have. I have never used a Discussion Group before so any tips for that would also be helpful.


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    Welcome, @LDO649X!

    It's nice to hear from you. One thing you may find useful is the little search box at the upper right of the page. As you begin to wonder what some of the things are that we're talking about or just want to know more about that topic, use the search box and it will take you to a lot more postings on that same topic.

    Learning to use your voice correctly will really be another eye-opener for you.

    Hang on, the fun is just beginning!

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