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Hi there! I need a little help again

Hi there guys
I know post here a lot asking for help and I feel like I am kind of asking too much sometimes
Whether it be trivial questions or even questions that lack enough information. So sorry in advance
I should post a demo of myself and I will get on that asap ( I think it's also a lack of confidence that keeps me back from doing so).

So, I sing both in Korean and English.
I am more fluent in English but what the problem is that I sound different in tone and range when I sing in Korean.
Is this because of vowel modification or is it usually because I am too used to "mimicking" singers?
Usually my tone sounds more pleasant in Korean while in English it sounds very plain and harder hit certain notes.

Also when singing with support, is there suppose to be constant pressure near the abdominal area? (NOT FLEXING but more of a FULL and stretching feeling around the stomach.)
Also if I breath using proper breathing method as Ken teaches and I hold it, is it suppose to tire out my abdominal?
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