Clip of my 1st attempt at singing

Ok, this is the first time I've let anyone hear me sing and this is the first time I've ever recorded myself.
Very nervous and feeling exposed.

I'm 33 and have played guitar and written music for the past 22yrs. Always been too scared and shy to step up to the mic.
The guitar has been a safety net and something I can use to 'speak' instead of using my voice.

Music is such a part of me, I feel like I now need to see what potential I have as a singer.

This clip is part of an original track I've been writing.
Decided to try and write/record some vocals.
Tried double tracking the vocals also.

I'm about to sign up for KTVA and can't wait to get into developing my voice! I know I have a lot of work ahead.

Any initial feedback would be a great starting point.

All the best to you all.



  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353

    It's a little hard to discern your voice through that thick mix of guitar work there, so it's not really possible to give you much feedback on your voice. We'll do that when you submit your first basic LAH track. We'll need your voice to be dominant above the exercise track, but not acapella, either.

    What I Can hear through the music is a voice that should have no problem training to become much stronger and more accurate than it presently is. Don't worry that you won't "measure up". You will do fine. It's just a matter of dedication and practice, which I'm pretty sure you've already learned from working with a guitar. You will have a good time combining your singing with your guitar playing. Get ready.

    All the Best.

  • saxxamafonesaxxamafone Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for this feedback Bob.
    Really appreciate your time and comments.

    Looking forward to purchasing the course and getting stuck into it.

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