Hi Bob. First of all I must say that your last comments on my 'Elanor Rigby' demo have helped me huge......it has created a bit of a breakthrough for me....too much for me to go into here, but I hope this demo will show this.....also becoming more confident and comfortable recording now.....I feel I am coming on well now. I rerecorded the Elanor Rigby tune and it came out much better....will post it once I have mixed it.
This is a Black Sabbath number 'Black Sabbath'.......I also hope that the lyrics in this tune (of which I am sure you are familiar with) and any other demo's that I may do dont offend you......This is never intended....
Hope you like this,,,
Cheers Tom


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    Hi Bob.....disregard the above link....use this one.....I was not happy with the volume in the final mix.....corrected it....Cheers Tom
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    You pick some hard tunes. This one is a little out of pitch on most of the D4 G4 Eb4 D4 runs, like Be-fore-me... Those you'll really have to practice on to get the center pitch. They sound a little sharp to me, so you may be overcompensating for what I said about coming in a little flat and sliding up to the notes. It's a matter of getting your voice into pitch-calibration with the backing track. I hope you aren't having one earphone off. That can really throw your pitch off-track, because of the doppler effect. You have to have the pitch of the tracks in your sealed headphones, and listen to the sound of your voice within that environment, so that you will be in calibration with the track.

    If you have one can off of an ear, the doppler effect can cause the track to sound lower or higher to you, and it will sound to you like you are in tune.

    Also, the EE sound at that top note can make that sound strained, as opposed to shifting it a little more towards the eh.

    You're a trooper, dude! You're always striving to improve!

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