Ehm... Hello? I'm new here

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Ok. I got here from watching/listening to many vids from Gabriela Gunčíková (AWESOME voice by the way *-* ).
After seeing that Ken has coached her and Anthony Vincent, which is another awesome singer i thought it would be a really good idea to be a part of this school, group, family.

I'm from Uruguay (South American small country between Brasil and Argentina), recently made famous for having the "poorest" president, and legalized marihuana, abortion and same sex marriage almost at the same time (also for a Simpsons joke where Homer Said "Are you gay" :P); i'm 28 years old and i seriously love singing and music in general.

I started with music some way along my 3rd or 4th year, by listening to Queen, Freddy's voice is uncanny and unique, but it wasn't until i got close to 18 that i really started putting effort into actually singing.

My inspirations are Freddy Mercury, Michael Kiske (Helloween), David Coverdale, Steve Perry, Miljenko Matijevic (Steelheart), Steven Tyler, Beto Cuevas (La ley, Chilean band), Chris Cornell, and some others. I like mostly hard rock/glamm music, but i'm open to more styles as i really like versatility and, i would love being able to do various styles with my voice (like doing corny pop music when i'm with my GF, or heavy Black metal when i hate the world :P ).

As soon as i can i will start getting the lessons (my country's customs are a little complicated and make getting some stuff from outside really expensive :( )
Edit: i just saw i can get digital copy, i will get that then xD

I have a Blue Yeti Mic, but i dont know what to use to start recording my singing, in order to show what i can do, so im open to suggestions, by the way.


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