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I have never had any kind of singing or music lesson in my life but have always wanted to learn. At the moment I'm contemplating buying the KTVA Weekend Warrior package. I have one challenge and one concern. My challenge is that I live in an apartment and cannot practice there without disturbing neighbors so I am in the process of finding other places to do this such as in my car on my way to work. My concern about doing a course like this is that there is no one to give me feedback if I'm doing any of the exercises wrong.

I'm curious to know what you all think of this course and if my concern is valid.



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    If you think you may need a lot of feedback, you might want to think about getting the full course. Weekend Warrior does not include forums support. The greater part of this forum is visible only to KTVA students, and it is there where most of the vocal coaching takes place regarding questions and help with vocal technique.

    Many students have no place other than their car to practice scales. Although this may be as much privacy as most of us can manage to have access to, it's not ideal. If you are driving, you automatically have much of your attention diverted to safe driving. That's only right, as far as driving goes, but your attention is not fully on your vocal lessons and exercises. That is an important element in any singing lesson. If you are only paying half-attention to the singing, you will only get half-results. It's best to find a time and place where you can give your voice and your lessons your full attention and focus. That might be in a parking lot, where you can be in your car, but not driving. It's also best to stand when singing, but some singers have to sing while sitting, such as pianists and drummers. So it's not the end of the world if you can't stand to sing. It's just better to stand.

    In the Students areas of the forums, we have students submitting exercises to get pointers and feedback on ways to get closer to the correct way to sing. It's not a constant need to get feedback, but periodically you can hear comments and make adjustments to keep you on track.

    Weekend Warriors gives you a lot of information on the voice to get you started, and it's solid KTVA-based information. There is more support available for the main course.

    All the Best!

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