My throat hurts and gets husky after doing the exercises with glottal compression!

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Hi guys,
I just started with stage 3 and my problem is that I got a little rusky after practising the glottal compression.
It wasnt really painfull but I just felt it and it would be cool if someone can tell me if I harm my voice by practising like that or what I possibly do wrong.

and btw: The "Lah-exercise" in stage 3 sounds like ken is singing full chest. Is that right? Or is that just the sound how glottal compression should sound?
stage 3 is so confusing haha

I hope you guys can help me :)

cheers from germany, Jarleynator

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    sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
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    He does sing a lot of the exercises in full voice in stage three.  He is regulating the air, not letting too much pass over the chords.  You will notice his volume is consistent.  Go for that first.    As far as glottal compression, if you are doing it correctly it shouldn't hurt, and you shouldn't become hoarse.  I am still working on it myself, try to follow the instructions Ken gives as closely as possible.  when you distort the voice, it may seem a little quiet at first, don't try to push past it.  You should not have tension in the throat area if you are doing it correctly.  You will feel more of the distortion on the soft palate, which may tickle slightly, but shouldn't hurt.  If you are doing the distortion more like a growl, or clearing your throat, you will hurt yourself.  think of holding back the breath, letting through as little as possible.  Push down on the diaphragm and see what happens.  Also, remember to pay attention to the vowel modifications.  Your voice will tell you if you are doing it wrong.  Hope this helps, it is a tricky subject.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
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    Stage Three is a big step up, and you need to give yourself time to develop the techniques.  If you are going hoarse, you are pushing too much too soon.  Ken tells you to skip over the sections that are too high and jump back in when it again becomes comfortable for you.  As your range increases you can eventually add in the more difficult parts of the scales. 

    The LAH on exercise Three on the CD is pretty much in full chest until shortly before it finally modifies to the Oooh on the highest note, and even that would be a mixed note.

    The point of glottal compression is to prevent you from blowing your voice out by drying out the cords.  If you are going hoarse practicing glottal compression, it is likely that your practice is exceeding your current level of expertise.  Go back and review the video, and try to do your exercises more gently.  Don't expect to sound like Ken in the first week or two.  He's been doing this for about thirty years!   


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    mivisonmivison Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 191
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    I just started level 3. I get tired, but I never get hoarse. I learned that lesson back in level 1& 2. It took me the longest time to learn how to take it slow! If you over do it, it is counterproductive. I wanted to get better very fast. I look at it like this now. When learning the guitar or piano or whatever it just takes time.


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    jarleynatorjarleynator Member Posts: 9
    thank you very much guys! 

    I will try to do the exercise more softly. If even that is to much I will go back to stage 2. 
    Very cool of you to answer my questions so fast and so good. This forum seriously helps me alot :)


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