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Interests outside of singing

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I just wondered if anyone would like to share a bit more about themselves, their other interests, etc...
I know that there is the 'introduce yourself' section of the forum, but that seems to be more based around people's singing experiences, and their hopes and aspirations for the KTVA course.

I guess I'll go first...

My big passion is music. I love all kinds. Nothing affects me like music does... I love melody and harmony... the way a certain melody put to a certain chord progression can break you heart or lift you up, or rouse any other kind of emotion... Whether it's those beautiful harmonies in 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' by The Beach Boys, that constant and ridiculously loud open hi-hat in 'Maneater' by Nelly Furtado, the whole of 'Swan Lake' by Tchaikovsky, the dirty rock n' roll groove and swagger of The Black Crowes, or Damien Rice blowing me away with just a voice and an acoustic guitar... it's always music that stirs the most passion and emotion in me.
Music has this... control over me. If friends come over and there is music playing, I'm never totally 'there'... I'm always hearing the music and analyzing what's going on. I often feel kinda rude, but I just can't switch off from it... always thinking to myself "oh, that bass line sounds great... hmmmmm... what's the vocal doing there... oh wow, loved that harmony, especially the way it sounded over the Major7 chord...." and then all of a sudden I'll find myself back in the room and in the middle of a conversation about.... something ;-)

I love writing songs. There's nothing more satisfying than finishing a song that I'm proud of. I'm trying to improve my recording/mixing skills, but I'm not finding it easy.

I love to read. Mainly fiction, thrillers... but anything interesting really.
I also like films (but I hardly ever watch TV). I love anything that has a good twist, whether it's an old Hitchcock movie, or something modern like Memento. Although I'll give most things a try. I love comedies too.

I don't go out a whole lot. I suffer with social anxiety, and a lot of other related things. I'm one of the most shy people you could ever meet. I really struggle to talk with strangers. So I stay home a lot. In fact I rarely leave the house unless I have to go and play a gig. Often I have to build myself up to do something simple, like going to the supermarket to buy some milk (my wife 'carries me' through a lot of these situations). People who know me find it weird that I'm like this, but that my job is to entertain people. I can't describe it. I can go out onstage and be confident... it's possibly the only 'away from home' place that I feel comfortable, and usually after a gig I disappear from the venue as quickly as I can....
Sample text conversation -
Friend: Where are you?
Me: I'm at home!
Friend: But you only came offstage 15 minutes ago!
Me: Haha, yeah I know...
I have moments when I 'come out of myself', but those times are rare. I don't understand it myself, but that's me...

I don't really have many other interests. I thought I would have more to type here. Gosh, I'm actually really boring... :-D

Edit to add: Just this morning (May 9th) I started something called C25K, which stands for 'Couch to 5 kilometers'. It's a thing that gets you from being a couch potato (yep, that's me) to running 5K in the space of two months. Of course, I'm not doing it outside... I have a treadmill ;-)
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