Hello! Female singer/bass player!

Hi!! My name is Kathy and I've been singing since I was 14 (I'm now 32). I front my 3 piece band "The Look" and I also play bass guitar in the band. I started vocal training with an opera singer about 9 years ago, then a few years later took lessons from Steve Whiteman of Kix (Lizzy from Halestorm studied under him). The lessons definitely helped. Life happened and I got away from really working my voice, formed bad habits, didn't practice enough, lost some confidence. We just finished an album and have a couple CD release parties at the end of April. I knew i had to kick it up a notch to be back to where i was when we recorded. This past January my husband asked if I'd be interested in this DVD series, so he purchased it for me for my birthday. Since January 16 (my birthday!) I've been working the lessons just about every single day. An hour a day doing vocal workouts with a 13 month old crawling around is NOT easy (plus running a fitness business and teaching classes and personal training!). But i make it work and i make the time. I've already noticed great improvements! Cannot wait to see how far I can go!! Thank you Ken!


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    Awesome that you are doing the program AND everything else that's happening in your life. What a great gift from your husband!

    Glad to have you here, and we're glad to help!

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