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I'm about to start my training.Any advice before i play the first video? Hi all singer here :B

Gabriel073Gabriel073 Pro Posts: 12
As i'm writting this i'm downloading the whole thing (How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else) .Do you guy have any last minute advice to help me before i start training?


  • streeterstreeter Pro Posts: 679
    edited February 2016
    Forget everything you thought you knew. Follow instructions as they are laid out. Do your best to match the tone and pitch. Take your time, record yourself as much as possible. Use the experienced ears on the forum once you think you have a concept together IE, 'it's the Lah, Ahhh' to get feedback. Email KTVA to get upgraded to 'Pro' in order to gain access to the full forum and the hours of pro vids including Ken Walking a Diva and dude through the beginning stages and later on the advanced workouts. Be patient. You'll grow quick but do not rush through the material.
  • Gabriel073Gabriel073 Pro Posts: 12
    edited March 2016
    Forget everything and be patient got it ! Thanks Streeter , by the way does the "Pro" upgrade have any cost? The videos you mention sound really helpful.Once i become pro i'm be able to watch them? D:
  • streeterstreeter Pro Posts: 679
    No, it's free. You just need to email KTVA with your proof of purchase (receipts) regarding the course and you'll gain access to the full forum. Maybe title the email 'Forum Upgrade', and it will be taken care of.
  • Gabriel073Gabriel073 Pro Posts: 12
    WOW i really did not know that D: Thanks! I'll e-mail them right away ! XD
  • olskoololskool Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 68
    Yeah it takes time but even in as little as a few weeks you will feel things working.
    The more time you put in the better.
    I try my best to go through volume three now twice a day. Sometimes back to back with about a 20 minute gap in between but that can be difficult for some.
    Then i will practice through songs for another 2 hours if i can.
    I kind of feel im letting myself down if i dont put the time in...but thats probably just me.
    I have actually got to the point where i wish i could more and more time in but i cant.
    Some days i can get 5 - 6 hours in...
    Really stands you in good stead for the gigs.
    Im usually singing around 50 songs a night at the weekend and the funny thing is these days im stronger at the end of the night than i am at the start.
    I often get comments about that too.
    Tackling something a bit more difficult at the end.
    A Roy Orbison number or even something like Duffys song Mercy...lol..

    Aye....im quite versatile these days thanks to ktva..haha

    Have fun.. Be patient and keep going
  • Gabriel073Gabriel073 Pro Posts: 12
    Yeah it feels like videos really pull the best out of you , i'm trying my to find a specific time to work on the videos every day . Thanks for sharing this , i find a lot of experience in your message .Wow 50 songs its a lot !

    "Have fun.. Be patient and keep going" Nice one ! :v
  • AloisAlois Pro Posts: 50
    Like Streeter said in the second post! Record yourself alot and listen. And also record yourself and upload here for free feedback. Its worth more to me than the DVD set alone ;) im like 7-8 months into it and i still get better everyday!
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