Question for Bob!

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Newby here! I'm thinking of attempting this but would like some feedback. I'm just not sure.


Thanks in advance


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    This sounds pretty good. You could work on strengthening your breath support. You could sustain some of those notes that you're cutting a little short. Your pitch is good most of the time. On words like "I'm" try using an AH vowel instead. "Ah-m". You should be able to sustain better on an AH. "I" is actually "Ah-ee".

    All the Best!

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    Bob, I'll take it! This was my first attempt at this song. I've done better with staying on pitch since then. I'll try your advise on vowels. I think I sound naseley (if that's a word) if you know what I mean. Thanks so much for the feedback! Stevie
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    Bob, I knew I had seen this in your post and had to go back and find this. In your post above months ago, you referred to me as @StevieMac! I knew I had seen this before here and elsewhere, and am in an argument with friends about this. Where does this term come from? Putting "Mac" at the end of a name when referring to a singer? They think I'm crazy and it's nothing, but I think it's a thing! Oh how I hope you'll enlighten me! Google has been no help!

    Thanks, StevieMac!

    PS: Your advice on vowels really helped me and I can't believe the progress I've made!
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    That was my bad. When I type in the @ symbol and start typing, the program gives me "suggested" possibilities. I see that there is a "Stevie" (you) and a "StevieMac" (somebody else) and I wasn't watching to see the different Stevies that the autofill filled-in.

    So, yes. You ARE crazy, but so are the rest of us. It was just a quirk. So you are Stevie, not StevieMac.
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