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Newbie question......

I've been doing KTVA vol. 1 actually months ago but had to stop due studies. Now I'm doing it again but I'm stuck at the diaphragmatic breathing video. When I tried his first exercise I can feel tension in my throat. Why is that?

Also when I first started out KTVA I didn't receive any tension in my throat when I did the video. Sometimes I think that it was because of our presentation my class did. We had to sing a song but most of it was out of my range. But I was forced to do it anyway ending up with me having a lot of tension :(


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    Hi, @minzi11,

    You should do a video of yourself doing the basic Volume 1 LAH exercise and let us see and hear what you are doing. Maybe we can help you get this figured out.

    Also, you should copy and paste a copy of your purchase receipt into an email to ktvahelp@gmail.com and request an upgrade in your forums status. If you have purchased one or more of the KTVA Volumes, you can most likely get your forums status upgraded. If you purchased the PRO Bundle, you can be upgraded to PRO and get even more access to more videos that may help you with this.

    All the Best.

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    minzi11minzi11 Member Posts: 2
    thanks for your advice @highmtn

    I have to go with the second option though. Our internet here is very very slow so It's hard for me to upload any video.
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