What causes flat or sharp when singing?

hi, i joined an Online Karaoke
I never sing before in any karaokes...
i've tried... but when i post my voice somebody
leave a comment that i sound so bad and super flat...
here is my voice:



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    Flat means that the note you are singing is lower than it needs to be and sharp means you are singing a note higher than it should be.

    We tighten our vocal cords to make it go higher and we loosen our cords to make our note lower.

    We use our ears to hear the "Key" that the song is being played in, and we use our ears as well to listen to the notes we are singing, as we sing and as we listen to the song, to make sure that our voice is "In Key" with the song and remains "in key" with the song.

    Certain notes are "out of bounds" in certain keys. So if we sing a note that isn't "in key" with the sound, our note is "out of key" and sounds wrong. Also, if we are "Sharp" or "Flat", then we may be singing a note that is "in key", but is not "in tune" with the note that we should be singing. So in a case like that we are singing "out of tune".

    Everything in music has to be "in-key" and "in-tune" in order to sound "good", or "harmonious".

    Some people are gifted with a natural sense of "Tune, Key, and Pitch". Others are not, and have to work harder at it, in order to conform to the rules of "Tune, Key, and Pitch". These things CAN be learned by most students, unless they have a hearing deficiency to be unable to discern differences in pitch.

    Your demo is very interesting. You have a beautiful voice, but at times it seems out of control. It's like you aren't "in calibration" with the key and pitch of the song at times. Other times, you are in perfect sync, and then you drift out.

    I think that first of all, you need to establish an awareness of the "Key" of the song, and the ongoing pitch of your voice. You have to learn to be aware of all of these things in "real-time", as you move along through the time of the song, comparing the notes and key of the song to the key, notes, and pitch of what you are singing.

    You'll have to learn to monitor yourself through practicing, as you go, and correcting your pitches as you go.

    It would be very helpful to you to practice scales (not songs) so that you can focus on hitting correct notes at the correct pitch, and train your voice and ear to work together with pre-recorded scales. You will be forced to conform to the key and pitches of the scales, and this will help you build the muscle-memory to more consistently hit the right pitches at the right time.

    When someone sings "out of key, off-pitch, or out of tune" it's hard to listen to, almost painful for the listener. When those things are in conformance to the music, it becomes almost heavenly.

    Your voice, when singing on-pitch, in-key, and in tune, is heavenly. You need to learn to work with it to learn to control it, so that you can keep it in the heavenly place.

    Time for singing lessons!

    I hope this helps to answer some of your questions.


    All the Best!

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    <3 highmtn thanks you so much
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353
    You're welcome.
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