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Grunge in Tucson

RazzTheSpazRazzTheSpaz Pro Posts: 5
Hola everyone. I'm Raymond and I'm from Tucson.

I grew up singing all my life. Have been in a boys chorus, moved away from singing in middle school, and got back into music my Junior year. I joined a choir senior year, took a vocal class in college, and have been working on my vocals with other vids from vocal coaches from YouTube. I saw Ken's school 2 years ago, but I was nervous and short on funds due to me living at home. I've moved out since and finally got the cash, and the courage, to try and expand my range and work on the best distortion that I can starting from square one. I'm about a week an a half into volume 1 and I'm looking forward to becoming the best singer I can in my spare time. :3

My influences include grunge singers like Layne Staley and Eddie Vedder, metal singers like Maynard James Keenan, and I want to be able to do multiple styles of music like Reggae, Ska, R&B, and other non rock or metal related genres as well.

If you have any input or creative criticism, I'm all ears. I can't improve unless I know what I need to work on. Glad to be a part of this community. :3


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353
    Hi, Razz.

    Nice to hear from you. I waited a long time before I finally got Ken's singing course, too. I wish I had started as soon as I saw it, but better late than never. It's definitely the only vocal program that I've tried that really worked, and I tried several of the big ones.

    My best advice, is take your time. You really need to work on all of the basics that Ken teaches, and kind of put off to the side any notions about singing that you may have learned previously. You need to do everything just like Ken teaches you, because it all builds from the ground up. Don't advance into distortion until you get to that part of the course. Again, it's because you need to establish a number of solid methods to build your strong foundation upon. At least some of the ways you have been singing previously are probably going to be hard to kick, but give Ken's methods your full effort and you won't regret it. When it's time, and you've built up to that point using Ken's techniques, your voice is going to be killer, beyond your expectations.

    You've been waiting to get to this point. Now don't rush through anything. Take it one step at a time and build it right!

    All the Best!

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