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Hello,I'm 22,and I'm a pre-graduate from China.I like to listen to some rock band and singing some rock style songs is a big dream to me.Although I am a tenor, But my highest notes just can hit #F4 before.

So I started looking for the method which can make me hit higher notes and sing more powerful.I find too many vocal training courses are wasting time In China ,And some overseas information about vocal training almostly is all about SLS and Singing Suceess. People discuss their method in Chinese community .For a while, It make me feel like all the Western vocalists use SLS training system.

And When I found some vocal coachs ,who used to be trained in SLS or SS from abroad , appeared and sell their training lessions , And I went to look for a SLS teacher in my city. Not only can the coach sing very well (from my viewpoint) but also have teaching experience. Moreover, he has been trained by some masters like Seth Riggs, Roger Burnley ,Dave Stroud, etc. I told him that I wanna sing some rock style songs in the future.He said it is very easy because my voice is very bright. 1 year later .I can increase my range and sing high note. But i still can not sing a big dynamic, powerful song. He told me it is just a matter of time and I should make my voice in the passaggio soundlike the light mix at first and gradually into the balance mix ,finally I can get a hard mix voice.But in my opinion, even though the hard mix in SLS is powerful with large volume but it also sound different from some vocal in rock band.So I finish my study trip, and continue to look for my way.

One day, I find a post discussed about different vocal trainings ,and poster concluded that if you wanna sing rock, you can not make KTVA out of your sight. The method is simlar to bel canto and it very emphasize the singer throat opened and strong support,It make certain your voice in the high-notes is sonorous.

After that,I research many Ken Tamplin's singing video ,And I was very sure that the voice was what I want.Although I am not good at English and I don't have good listening ,but I tried to know how he was saying. So when I find that the courses have Chinese version, I took my courage to ask for help.

And finally,I'll be very glad to be one of you guys!!


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Hello, @nmyaki

    I wasted a lot of time trying to get a Rock sound out of that other program, too. It just didn't work, no matter how much I practiced and tried their methods. You will see. KTVA is real, not fake like that other program. They take a lot of money from their customers and give nothing in return.

    You will Rock your voice with KTVA. Take your time, and listen to the instructions carefully. Imitate the sound Ken makes with his voice. Follow the instructions and practice the lessons.

    You will get from KTVA what you would never, ever get from that other program. It doesn't work. KTVA does work.

    Nice to meet you.

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