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Newbie from Little Rock

PandaMomPandaMom Posts: 7Pro, 2.0 PRO

I just wrote a LONG post in the Introduction forum about my life, and I won't repeat that here. I am very excited about starting KTVA. Although I am not a professional singer, I would like to sing at a professional level. I like to sing all kinds of songs, opera, Broadway, pop, rock, R&B, Chinese folk songs, Chinese opera, KPop, JPOP, you name it. I'd like to sing with power and freedom. I'd like sing with flare, and style, and emotion. I'd like my voice to be consistent, not here today gone tomorrow.

My youngest will be out of the house in a few years, and by then, I'd like to sing well enough to join some local theater productions. Not too much to ask, right I hope? ^_-

Judging from the student demos I think my goals should be attainable with KTVA.



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