Hello from the netherlands

Hello . my name is Marco and i,m from the netherlands from a town called Heerenveen wich is wel known for ice skating . i,m 44 years old and i always had this picture in my head of me singing in a rock or metal band before an audience . strange enough i never tried tot do so untill a few weeks ago when i was in a bar with a band that did an iron maiden song called powerslave , now i had no experience not even one singing lesson or the knowledge to do it but after a few beers i said ow well hand me the mic i wanna do that song cause i know all the lyrics . off course i was scared but it didnt stop me . now my performance went allright when you look at my act but my voice was offcourse not very good , but it gave me a great feeling standing there and i knew i wanted more . I figured what can i do too bring this to a whole new level at my age as a beginner ? that question took me too ktva every time . so i figured why not go for it ;) btw that performance was recorded its here lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kfBZcyDxMg


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