We Will Rock You & Crazy Train

Hello KTVA- Members!

My name is Hagen, im 22 years old and from Germany. I have been doing KTVA for close to a year now and i thought it might be a good time to share some of my progress. It is truly amazing what the course and all the practicing did to my voice!! Because there is so much Input you can get from being on the forum or just watching the videos my understanding of the voice increases daily, and I'm having an absolute blast! There is nothing better than to discover new things and then applying them :)

With that being said here are two Cover songs i did:
We Will Rock You: https://clyp.it/ze233hh2
Crazy Train: https://clyp.it/hutcvb2m

We will rock you was recorded a while back (No compression used ;/), Crazy Train I did a few days ago. I really gotta admit that it is one thing to slowly increase diaphragmatic pressure in scales, but its very different and very difficult (at least for me) to have the same kind of strength ready very quickly; thats why I feel that I sometimes end up shouting a little bit. Guess I just gotta practice more :)

Anyway I would appreciate if you'd tell me what you think about the Covers! Also it would be interesting to know if you notice any accent! :)

Thank you so much, i hope you all are having a great day!


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346

    You're doing well on these two songs. You could really stand to soften the consonants on we will rock you. That song is a really rhythmic vocal part, and there are lots of consonants in the song, but lessening their effect will help you to keep an open throat more of the time.

    On Crazy Train, as far as getting to the compressed sound, be sure to warm up sufficiently. Ken warms up every day before starting lessons or recording sessions. He can spend 70 minutes warming up before he is ready to sing his most difficult vocals. So if we're doing OUR most difficult vocals, we should expect it to take a while before we are ready to take our voice to its present limitations.

    Your accent is very slight. You're doing a good job.

  • hagenhagen Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2
    Hey! Thanks a lot for the feedback :)

    Now i notice what you say about the consonants, too. Seems a little bit too much. What youre saying about warming up the voice makes sense and ill definitely apply it in the future!
    Thanks again for the feedback!

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