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My name's Eddie.
Short version: I couldn't sing, improving thanks to KTVA, what and where do I post samples for help?
Long version:
I'm in my mid-forties and I decided to get a singing course because I wanted to be able to go out and sing karaoke. (I still haven't yet.) I tried singing a karaoke song with my girlfriend and I LITERALLY sounded like a dying animal. That's not an exaggeration. I thought "THIS CAN NOT STAND." I've listened to, but never worked through a singing course before because the ones I had gotten seemed too advanced; I wanted one for people who had never sung before. I was about to get another dude's course, but then I decided on KTVA because it's subtitle is, "Sing better than anyone else," and I thought, "That's want I want. Success in singing is cool, but I want to be number 1!"

Ken used a few terms I didn't know like "Hi Barry and "head voice," but now I realize this is stuff that anybody who knows anything at all about singing knows and it didn't detract from my learning one bit. I love the program and feel I made the right choice. My voice was so bad I was embarrassed to sing, even by myself, and now I'm actually ready to go out and do some karaoke. I'm gonna give myself 1 month of practice and then I'm doing it, no ifs ands or buts.

A year's gone by and I haven't asked for any help, trying to work through things on my own, but now that I'm going to go out and possibly make a fool of myself, I need some feedback if I can get some. I have a mic, and know how to record an mp3 file. So what should I post, where should I post, and how should I post it? Please forgive my ignorance, and I greatly appreciate any help.


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    Hi, @Eddie123,

    Nice to hear from you. By "High Barry" Ken meant that his "voice type" that he started out with was a Baritone (Mid-low voice) and you probably know by now that head voice is that higher, smaller voice that you flip into in the higher range of your lip burbles.

    What you should do is record the Basic Lah track. The one that comes right after the lip burbles and the tongue exercises on the audio tracks. Video would be best, because we can see how you are breathing, look at tension, posture, facial positioning, etc... That would be something you could post on YouTube (privately if you like) and put a link in a post in the DEMOS AREA FOR NEWBIES thread, under Post Your Demos category. If you are too shy to post video (remember, you won't be able to hide at karaoke, either) then open an account at soundcloud and upload your mp3 there. Go to the page where your sound clip is posted and copy the URL. Past that URL in the post in the Demo Area for Newbies.

    The Demo Area for newbies is a NO PUT-DOWN area and a safe place to put up your first demos. Attacking the poster is against the rules. That doesn't mean we'll tell you it sounds good if you have things that need to be fixed. The Basic LAH exercise tells us all kinds of things about your voice that you either are doing right, or that need to be dialed-in. You have to get that basic Lah right, because it's the basic building block for everything else in your voice. So we'll listen to your Lah Track and tell you what you need to work on most, and what you're doing right. Let's do that first.

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    Eddie123Eddie123 Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 6
    @highmtn thank you for your advice, for your total commitment to this stuff, I see you everywhere helping people out, it's awesome.
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