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Questions about transformation from opera to pop

Hi, before getting enrolled in this program, I have been trained to sing in opera style for 2 years but now I really wanna sound more pop. I' m so sad that many friends always say I'm using Bel Canto style to sing pop. Could anyone give me some advice on how to practice in order to sound more pop or R&B? Besides, which part in Ken's program should I refer to so that I can develop a more pop style?

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    Hi, @Alice,

    Start from the beginning.

    KTVA is founded on Bel Canto, but it is modernized to be adapted to Pop, Rock, R and B, and other modern styles.

    Pure Bel Canto is based on Italian Vowels, because that is where Bel Canto was developed. KTVA adds vowels used in the U.S. and also adapts a less-covered style. So instead of using all of the rounded, covered vowel styles that dominate Bel Canto, KTVA will be a more Open aperture. Open throat, Open mouth, Open Jaw, Tongue down at the base of the jaw... BIG SMILE. The KTVA approach takes advantage of the bright tone to better resonate in the upper back of the throat, including when modifying the vowels on the higher range notes.

    SO, Really pay attention when Ken tells you to leave what previous vocal training you have been taught at the door. That may be hard for some who think they already know a lot about the voice, but Ken is going to cut to the chase on 30 years of vocal study, with a solid base in Bel Canto, but modernized for contemporary singing, as well. Trust Ken. He has studied Bel Canto in Rome with Bel Canto masters. He also has studied with the biggest vocal coaches in the U.S... and all of those coaches contradicted one another. Ken sorted out what was truth, from what was misconception, and put it all together for you.

    When you have been doing Ken's program for a while, everything that you previously knew that was RIGHT will still be of help to you, and everything that you were previously taught that was counterproductive to singing with a modern sound can be put aside, at least when you are performing your Pop tunes. Then you can go back to your more operatic sound to please that crowd. Ken helps many classical and operatic vocalists that are having problems with their voice from improper use and improper training.

    So you won't have to abandon everything of value that you've learned in the past. You just need to set it aside and give Ken your full attention and your full trust that he will, in fact, transform your voice and give you the abilities that you're looking for.

    Really get that bright tone that Ken demonstrates. It's where your resonance will come from. You'll think it's too bright. When it sounds too bright, it's just about right. Make it a little brighter...

    Initially, you will be rebuilding the foundation of your voice from re-learning your vocal fundamentals. Do it Ken's way... THEN, you will begin applying those new fundamentals to practical applications, using those techniques to sing Pop, or Rock, or whatever you choose.

    All the Best!

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