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Best way to warm up

Hey guys and gals. I normally have an hour drive to all my gigs. I try to warm up in my car. I make sure to get my posture and breathing correct. I position my seat so I am not slouched. Just curious if anyone has any tips on how I can maximize my warm up in this situation?


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    Well, we're all guilty of doing that, simply because of life's time constraints, and poor planning on our own part. BUT, as Ken would tell you, you sacrifice about 30% of your support strength when you are seated vs when you are standing... AND foremost, we can't give our full attention to our Driving AND our full attention to our Singing. The results of that are distraction while driving and distraction while singing.

    So you need to default to safety and give your driving the attention it needs to keep you safe. And you still need to have good, focused practice situations where your primary FOCUS is on all of the adjustments and attention you need to give to your voice. Without that focus-time, you are not getting a full hour's worth of singing practice from an hour's worth of driving. You will get some benefits, but you will NEVER get the level of focus on your singing that you will when properly practicing, if you are needing to survive your drive.

    Warming up. No problem. It's better to warm up and pay a lot of attention to your driving and enjoy your vocal warmups too, like you would if you sang along to a good song on a road trip. If you have to choose, always do the lip burbles and the tongue exercises first, and get through the first basic Lah exercise. After that, everything you can add will be gravy. The further you get into the disc, the more you will warm-up and stretch your voice.

    Make sure you don't OVERSING. You are warming up and need your voice for your gig. So stretch, but don't strain. Warm up but don't burn out. Like letting the oil warm up in an engine on a cold winter's day before you start revving things up.

    All the Best!

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