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Vocal Callouses?

Good morning,

A friend of mine has been having vocal trouble. Her doctors told her that she has flat callouses on her vocal chords. I thought this would be the same as nodules, but she is saying that there is a difference. Is anyone here familiar with this? The symptoms sound the same as nodules. Hoarseness, rough scratchy voice, inability to sing higher notes without singing a lot louder, etc.

I'm wanting to recommend "How To Sing Better...", but wanted to check here first. Do you normally recommend this program to somebody in this condition? Or would it be better to work with a specialist, rest the voice, or whatever before getting started? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    JoshBJoshB Pro Posts: 100
    edited April 2016

    Im not doctor but here is somethings that helped me. Before I joined this course I had a similar trouble. Just not that bad of condition. I think she should get this course. I definitely think she should rest the voice for a while. I personally would rest it for about a month if she can.

    My recommendations are:

    Get her to do exercises with voice just like Ken does in the course for a little bit before singing again. Lightly though to make sure she doesnt hurt it more.

    Dont sing heavy for a while.

    Make sure you keep the voice moist. Inhaling steam works well but so does drinking water hahaha.

    I think it will be interesting to see what other people say. Like I said, Im no doctor. I just know what has worked for me. I do things like this every day and I rested my voice for a weak and it was pretty well back to normal after.

    Hope she gets better!

    - Josh
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