Hey guys. Great to be here

So I've taken the plunge. And it's great to be hear. So many awesome success stories etc. And to start off I've got a question. We spend much of lives in transit so I was wondering if any of you guys practise in the car? And if so what parts do you find suitable for this environment? Yes I know it's a bit of an obscure one but - what the heck


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    It's not an obscure question. Everybody has busy lives and just about everybody has to commute to work, so a lot of people choose to listen to vocal lessons or exercises instead of the radio, pandora, or whatever other entertainment you may normally play.

    It's not a substitute for focused practice, however. When you are driving, the music or anything else you listen to has to be secondary in your attention. You are multitasking. Any time you multitask, there is a trade-off.

    So it's great to augment you other, focused practice by singing along to exercises or listening to lessons, as long as your driving gets NUMBER ONE attention so that you are driving safely, and so that you are also taking separate time to give your lessons and practice FULL ATTENTION and FOCUS.

    You need that focus to make the best of your vocal progress. You also need focus on your driving so you can pay proper attention to your safety. So plan on doing separate practices and learning sessions in addition to any transit-time practicing you may do and give the attention where it is needed when it is needed.

    That said, a car can be a great isolation booth for singing your heart out, at least when nobody is looking... You can also go to an empty parking lot and safely give more attention to your singing practice, by parking and turning the engine off. Again, hopefully nobody is parked right in front of you, laughing as you do the burbles and tongue exercise...

    When seated, you lose about 30% of the support that you get when standing with proper posture, so take that into account. Still, some good practice is better than no practice, and more good practice is better than less good practice. Good practice makes perfect, so we want our practice to be as good and correct as possible.

    Welcome to KTVA, @barryk!

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