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Dan McCafferty from "Nazareth" - a really impressive singer

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Hey to you all!
I was just listening to some Nazareth songs. In fact I haven't really noticed Nazareth since a few month ago, 'cause I'm not really a hardrock fan :-)
But now I'm listening to Nazareth songs from time to time on youtube. And the more I listen to Dan McCafferty, the more I'm blown away by his incredible voice. For example on this song:
I really wonder how he could sing this in such an easy way. It doesn't seem that it is "arduous" for him in any way. He is just standing there quiet relaxed an singing with such a distorted sound.
Man, I would give a lot to sing like that! :-)

@Ken: What about a "How to sing like Dan McCafferty" ? :-))


  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    i've always love his voice.  He sounds like he ate a mouthful of nails, and washed it down with some rubbing alcohol!!  awesome.  He also still tours extensively to this day, so he must be doing something right.  Ken explains vocal distortion in volume 3, and demonstrates glottal compression in one of his webinars.  Check them out.  The key to remember is that you must have great vocal technique, and add the distortion as an effect.  I have finally discovered how to do it without effort(except in the diaphragm), and that i largely because of the KTVA method.  
  • janjan Enrolled Posts: 23
    Sounds great! I think I will change from Vol1 to Vol2 soon and I'm really looking forward to all the new experiences...

  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    volume 2 has some great lessons.  Make sure to watch the videos before tackling the exercises.  I do volume 2 as a shorter workout(break) from volume 3.  It is still very challenging.  volume 2 just expands on vowel modifications, as well as adding the bridge building sliders to your workout.  also, remember that Dan has been singing like that for over 30 yrs now, that is part of why it looks so easy!lol.  Keep working and you will see results.  I remember learning Sunshine on the guitar back when i was about 16yrs old.  I couldn't sing it that well then, but tried it last night and nailed it.  Thanks for the reminder of another vocal influence in my life Nazareth rocks, to this day.
  • pmacpmac Pro Posts: 58

    Wow Nazareth that brings back some memories.My dad loved them and i can remember him putting their tapes on in the car when i was young.Great band,i saw them back in the 80's at the Milton Keynes Bowl, which is about 6 miles from where i live in England. They were awsome.I will have to dig out the old tapes if they are still about.Thanks for the reminder of a great band and great memories.




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