wasted years - iron maiden

no singin experience except for in the shower , i,m on the ktva program for almost 4 weeks now working my way trough stage 2. so here is some first result. I,d like to know youre opinion cause its very hard to judge myself https://bandhub.com/s/570a6c7043136563a2d6d589


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    You actually did a pretty good job on this for only singing for such a short time. Some of those high notes you don't yet have the strength built up for, as yet, but once you get your support and stamina grown, you should be able to handle a song like this pretty well.

    Do pay a lot of attention to your breath support. It will play a big role in songs like this. So... how are you coming along on your basic LAH scales? Those exercises are how you build up your range and your technique so that your voice will grow into the monster it takes to sing heavy metal...


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    thnx i can do the la scales pretty well , off course i have to keep building towards where i want to go , the only exersize i,m having a little trouble with is the lip roll but i will get there , i think i keep on doing volume 2 for another month and then see if i can move up to stage 3 , i,ll try and post a lah scale later this week . i practice 6 days a week
    greetz marco
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    The lip rolls took me a super-long time to get. Then one day, suddenly, it dawned on my how to relax my face enough to do them. Now they are zero problem for me, no "helping" with my fingers.
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