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Due to recent events in my life I am trying to "reinvent" myself. For the most part my life has centered around healthcare but singing has almost always been a part of my life. I spent a lot of time, years ago, developing a tonal quality that is kind of hard to describe. It doesn't exactly ring like a bell but it does have a certain "ring" to it. My hope in taking on this course is to increase my vocal range as well as the power with which I am able to "put it out there." I don't want to be a rock star or anything like that but if I could make enough money (with my voice) to pay a few bills then that would be a good thing.

I sing (to myself) because it helps lighten the load and I sing (to others) because it apparently helps them feel better about themselves and helps them (temporarily) forget about all of the garbage that some of the people in their lives throw their way. As a "medical modality" I have found that singing (to them) can help people forget about their pain long enough to get them through their burn treatments / wound care and/or exercises and when working with someone with dementia the right kind of singing can build a bridge between the person that is locked inside whatever mental landscape they are dealing with and the outside world. It is a temporary fix but if it helps them get through their exercises (I used to work in physical therapy) then I say "Go for it!"

I was actually fired from my physical therapy job because the hospital's administrator didn't like the fact that I was so "unprofessional" but I got results and to me that was worth it.

Brent (from Wyoming)


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    HI, Brent.

    Nice to hear from you and to hear about some of your life's journeys. I have a lot of reasons for liking to sing, but when you break it down to the bare basics, my main reason is because it makes me feel good, and sometimes my singing makes others feel good.

    Ken's program will help you to develop your voice into more than it presently is, and I think you'll like what it does for the way you feel about your voice and your singing.

    We're glad you're here.

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