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Rock Star Hair David Grohl

MwightMwight Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 52
I got a question about hair.

I watch Dave Grohl on Foo Fighters and he's always flinging his hair around, but it still always looks good or can go back to normal easily enough. I sing on stage at praise and worship in my youth group and I'm jumping around and singing and shouting. When I finish up the set, my hair ain't so appealing. It's curly like Grohl's but it shifts positions and it stays there, even without any products involved.

So the question is, how do you get your hair relaxed like that so you can be on the stage, jump and hop and sing, and not need to worry about turning into the floof monster. As a side note, my hair is medium length but long in the back, and I don't use any product. What products, technique can I use to get a really relaxed looking hairstyle. Aside from chemical straightening.

Thanks everyone!
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