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This time, in song, rather one of my epic-length posts.

My recording skills still stink. But I have fun with this song. Near the end, the lyrics "my baby" thanks to mic proximity make me sound like Jack White (formerly of White Stripes.) I had back quite a ways from the mic because I was singing really loud, then get to this part, which is softer.



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    I always enjoy listening to your demos.  It takes guts to post a Robert Plant-style vocal.  Fun tune!  Keep 'em comin'!



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    Thanks, Bob. It's easier than you think. Only you can stop yourself from doing it. After all the technique and exercises, you have to know that you can do the song. Otherwise, you trip yourself up.
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    To my ears - you sound very in the pocket for Mr. Plant. Which I think is a good thing.

    When you go to the higher/signature point of the song it sounds like you're singing from your throat to me. The only thing preventing you from hearing the pinch is that you have probably a decently high register and you're not belting - you're more or airy singing.

    So - the result to my ears is a tone that mimics Plant, but a singing style that isn't as full bodied as it could be/(is in the lower register).

    It's almost like on the higher part you back off on volume. I'm very familiar with this as a result of copying tone with poor technique. Overall the song sounds pretty good given the criteria...if I had my recording gear still setup I could record what I'm talking about. 
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    It's funny you should say that, Joshua. For the high parts are a good deal louder. I think the problem is that I was clipping the mic. But thanks for listening and thanks for the comparison, somewhat, to Robert Plant. I don't try to sound like him, I just try to sing with the same emotional intent.
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    Right on bro - I liked it. I hope I didn't come across negative - I thought you did some cool stuff. I know how frustrating it can be when your recording gear doesn't capture your voice - I have the same situation for the moment.
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    No offense taken, Joshua. As I was learning in another forum, a very key element is equipment. I was using a condenser mic that is so sensitive. And a Guitarface II USB interface. But the sound in my computer is the onboard sound capabilty, no fancy soundcard. No fancy in-line effects. It's about as basic as you can get. And I think the reproduction quality lacks. Plus, the computer itself was built out of parts that were spare parts, back in 2005. I call the computer Frankenstein.
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