I want some advices on singing like geddy lee

hi folks,i'm a big fan of geddy's old voice,which was really high-pitched.
His voice was somehow close to classical singing and I wish to reach a vocal timbre and notes as close as possible to his.

Do you guys think he had a opera singing-like vocals or an ordinary hard rock voice?

His timbre and range was higher than (robert) plant's and didnt use falsetto at all.
on this link some recordings of geddy's old voice are avaliable

on the following video i tried to sing the twiligh zone,from their 2112 album. I began praticing trough "how to sing better than anyone else" about 2 hours before doing this video.

the lowest note I can reach without forcing is a c3. forcing,i may sing a b2.
B5 is the highest note i can reach right now confortably,without falsetto. Forcing(without falsetto) I may reach a C5.
Does this makes me a high tenor?

I honestly never was interesed on singing low. I always tried to sing as high as possible since I was 12. although I used falsetto most of the time due to my lack of understanding about singing.

Like mr.ken,i also began taking a course (this one) at my 19 years (i begun today lol)
i've been a guitarist since past year and found it embarrassing to sing. im starting to devotate myself on singing high with my cheek (normal) voice now.

do you guys have some advices to me in order to reach geddy lee's past vocal range?
thank you
ps: please recall i'm a newbie and be patient


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    viniciusoliveiraviniciusoliveira Enrolled Posts: 303
    plus,i fancy to reach a timbre (voice sound) close to his at this time,which was kinda girly,mezzo-soprano like (without using falsetto,or at least avoiding it as much as possible).


    guidances please!
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    Start doing the course from Volume One. Do what Ken says. Take your time. A voice like Geddy Lee's wasn't built in a day. Or a year. You will reach your goals one note at a time. It will depend on how well and how much you practice and properly follow Ken's instructions as to how long it will take to make improvements.

    I answered several of your questions about operatic singing vs other styles in the other thread where you also asked about the same thing.

    All the Best.

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