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I must have been gone to long from the stage performances so due to that my highs have faded now its been hard to re adapted to what i have left.

I have been playing second to 2 bands i was a part of for me it sucks but my honor belongs to them as i now perform the music that was once big time.

Paige recently has been performing as a solo artist awaiting other open doors. page began to perform as a band called Vortex who formed 1987.

Paige is an all around type of Genre such as, Rock, Hair Metal, Progressive Rock and Metal, Hard Rock and Classic Rock, also has experienced as a child and growing in to her music likes Country Rock, Christian Contemp, Rock, and Metal Including Gospel.

I'm Self Managed, Self Promoted, I've had a background in music as a past family band during the 70's growing up, Guided by other great Vocals through music and connections.

Solo Artist, Paige Stormblade is From Hagerstown, MD Born 1968 November 1, where known Major Label Artist, KIX is from. Paige used to be apart of a family related band whom would play picnics and parks and sometimes big events in her hometown, she grew up working to be who she is now today.

"I ended up in Missouri in 1979 because of my parents splitting apart, and began my music activities more so during my high school days 1980's.

In November 2013, I began to use 3d Virtual Metaverse Worlds, and became a liked band, after streaming my old day performances on audio with a song redone recently about the time "Time To Go". A few of us put a 3d show in place and began to perform online at 3d communities such as 3rdrock grid.com and secondlife.com." to help raise money for "MSF UK" and "Relay For Life" many of us old rockers performed in 3d including some of those major band members. Many didn't know but Jimmy Page was also a second life Musician in 3d

US AS A BAND IN SECONDLIFE IN 3D I know many laugh lol but 3d worlds is where my new fan base started apart from now to this day I have over 1,000 i got 700 in the first month of doing this.

Paige is German and British by birth and Blood relation to the Landeckers of England and a few other related European countries, her Fathers name before he passed is Curt Landecker. Paige was adopted as a Ralston at birth in USA and grew up in Hagerstown MD. She is educated in pc's, from system administrations, network administration, web design, to audio productions apart form all her music talents in recording and singing
"I'm not a grammar goddess that's for sure"


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