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Newbie Just got KTVA 2 days ago

Tomara92Tomara92 Pro Posts: 4
I Struggle with learning breathe support/ diaphragmic singing. I understand you breathe into your belly and that your chest shouldn;t be going up and down but some how when i do it i feel my neck straining and tense (in pain basically) . i know i am not suppose to feel that and i most add the this previously before KTVA. The way (Ken) he explains it has been explain to me before but for some reason it not regristering within my body. Any suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358

    Give yourself a little time to try to learn to relax a little more. It takes a while to get used to doing new things correctly, and we may be a little stiff until we become more accustomed to proper breathing for singing. You should not be doing anything to the point of pain. If you feel pain STOP immediately and figure out what you are doing wrong. You are overdoing something.

    Give it a couple of weeks with trying to relax more. If you're not doing better, then record a video of you doing the basic LAH exercise and post it in the DEMOS for Newbies area. Stand back from the camera enough so that we can see at least down to your waist and up to your head and face.

    All the Best!

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    Tomara92Tomara92 Pro Posts: 4
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