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So I recorded this range/versatility demo after a little over half a year of singing, I'm learning on my own, from tips I pick up online and so, so I really need some good feedback. I've posted my range vid to TheRangePlace forums so I kinda know where my errors are, mostly I need some good solfeggio exercises XD But technique-wise, there wasnt really anyone there to tell me what to do with my technique so I'm hoping for that here

anyway, I'll be grateful if you take some time to review this, you can be as harsh as you like, if I suck, tell me, just please add some advice on what to do to improve. Some of these clips are from early when I started and some are very recent so the quality and technique varies, but I'm sure you'll get the main point and how well I'm doing.



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    Hi, @MusicalPotato!

    You have an amazing range. You need to study breath support. Your breath is inconsistent, and that is contributing to the inconsistency in your ability to be on-pitch.

    I found it very interesting that you sound fantastic in one moment, spot-on pitch on some difficult vocal parts, and then, a few moments later, you are so far off-pitch and seemingly unaware of it, that it seems as if you may be doing so deliberately.

    I'm also a bit baffled as to why someone with the capabilities that you have would not be pursuing a way to make it all come together by learning to use your voice properly. We all have had our impoverished reasons for delaying making the decision to become serious about our voices. I did, too. But I only delayed beginning the progress that did not start until I found the right vocal program and stepped out in faith to begin my journey.

    You're a little bit like someone who has a gigantic team of horses to pull an important cargo wagon up a mountain. But instead of having all of the horses aligned and working together as a team, some are facing backwards, some are facing sideways, some are upside-down, they're all wild, and they're all pulling different directions. There is no control, only immense power that is not being used wisely. If you have time to put together videos like this, you have time to study the voice, and I mean seriously study the voice. You have a gift. You are wasting it by not knuckling down and sorting out what's right and what's not. If perfecting your voice is important to you, you need to move forward towards beginning that process.

    Tips are just tips. Tips are not a full method for utilizing your voice. They are disconnected bits and pieces of a huge puzzle that all has to fit together to make your voice function correctly. Without all of the pieces, your knowledge is incomplete.

    You should become serious about getting your voice under control. Start studying the voice. Start working your voice to correct the inconsistencies. Perfect your breath control. Listen back to what you are recording and learn to discern and use proper pitch. Range is impressive, but not when it is off-pitch and without control.

    If pitch is something that you have little control over, you will have to tackle that monster, face-to-face. Range has little value, without controlled, proper pitch.

    You are fully capable of becoming a great singer. Right now, your voice has an impressive range, but it's not listenable in its present, untamed form. You need an entire program for the voice, not a tip here and a tip there of disconnected information. You need to discipline your voice from top to bottom.

    You really have a powerful voice.

    All the Best!

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    hi @highmtn

    Thank you for your comment
    First of all, like I said, the clips in the video range from like august (about 2 weeks after I started learning) and until about a week ago, so obviously within that time I've worked on a lot of things and improved on techniques, and the old clips are there just for the sake of the range, but I do get what you mean and to be honest, that's the reason I made this video anyways. To see if after like half a year of practice (wasnt really serious practice, just...whenever I had time) it's worth it to keep going and develop my voice or if it's just a dead end I shouldn't pursue.

    A vocal coach can be a pretty expensive investment, so I really wanna make extra extra sure it's the right choice to make. So far, I've used "tips" i found or got, meaning I read up on articles and singer analysis stuff, also watched a bunch of ken tamplin and singing success videos and so, all the while listening to the original performers of these songs and trying to figure out/experimenting how they make their singing sound so effortless and full. Every now and then I reach a eureka moment when I find a way to sing with more power on high notes or with a more full and pleasant tone in my natural voice. I have no clue how long it takes others to learn these songs but I felt like it's not exactly bad that after half a year you can get close to covering Kiske's or daniel heiman's songs, who I don't see anyone covering XD Like you said, I need a way to piece everything together to make sense and to...put my horses in line I guess XD

    It's just that I experiment with my voice and try to figure out how these singers do it, but I lack what singing coaches can give me, which is proper exercises I can do to improve on my pitch, breath support and so. So I guess, finally, I'd just like to ask what do you think is the best choice for me to make. Singing success? Ken Tamplin? Just finding a local coach? If I get Ken's pro bundle for 250$, will it be enough or what's the path I need to take?

    Again, thanks for the comment :)


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    Well, obviously, I'm sold on Ken's program. I have all of the Brett Manning stuff, from before I found KTVA. I put everything I had into practicing that program for over two years. It's all superficial quick-fix approaches, in my opinion. I found completely different results from KTVA. I think that if you go ahead and try that other program, and you will find the same thing that I did. It's all fluff. Slick Marketing, but no substance. I bought a pile of other programs, and only learned one or two things at best from each of them. Ken's program gives you a grip on your voice and you build it from the ground up. I've done tons of research on the internet as well. I've studied everything I could learn about the voice, and I've looked deeply into every vocal program I could find. I stopped searching when I found Ken Tamplin's program. Previously, I spent a lot of money on what looked good, but turned out to be total frauds.

    Local coaches will tell you that there is no way to learn the voice except live, and in-person. They have a vested interest in saying that. Unfortunately, unless you live in Los Angeles, New York, or Nashville, there are no world-class vocal coaches available, and even in those locations most of the local coaches are nowhere as qualified, especially for teaching Rock, as Ken Tamplin. They aren't teaching his methods, and they aren't accomplished singers. You're probably already better than most of them. So what will that do for you?

    The Tamplin program will concentrate on your breath and support. The other program you mentioned tells you that you already know how to breathe, so just breathe. The Tamplin program will hammer and drill you through the basic building blocks of the voice so that you get a firm foundation. The other program teaches you to "trick" your voice into doing things. You already have range, but you are lacking discipline and technique. You will still have to prove yourself and master scales, being on-pitch, and how to support your notes.

    You need to take your voice to a more disciplined level... Get all that horsepower aligned and pointing in the same direction. You have tons of potential. Do something great with your voice. You've done well on your own, but you owe it to yourself to get your act together and systematically perfect your voice.

    You might still want to do some webcams with Ken, but Ken teaches the Ken Tamplin method in his lessons. You might as well do as much of that on your own time as possible, then if you still have questions or issues, book some sessions with Ken and take it to the next level. His home program will give you a full vision of what is involved in developing your voice and disciplining your voice. You need a good program. I only know of one program that I think is good enough.

    I would definitely recommend the Pro Bundle. It will give you enough to keep you very busy for a considerable time. If you can swing the gold bundle, then you get discounted lessons with Ken on top of the Pro Bundle. It's really a good deal.

    You said in your original post that you wanted good feedback, even if it was harsh. I'm being very direct with you. Finding Ken's program was a turning point for me. Buying Ken's program was the nicest thing I've ever done for myself.

    Good luck with your singing future!

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    Ah, see that's what I needed too XD Choosing a vocal coach or program suited for you is also an important choice to make. From what I saw with singing success, I feel like it focuses more on pop, musicals and classical singing in general though, so I was leaning more towards Ken, since it's more my style. I'm open to learning all kinds of styles but mainly, metal is my first choice.

    I will get to webcam lessons and the gold bundle IS a good deal, buuuuut the gold bundle is a little too much for my wallet, I can't afford it all at once :/ I'll definitely try and get at least a lesson or two with him, to get me on the right track and correct any minor stuff, obviously, but Ill have to save up for that individually, his lessons are really super expensive XD But eh, if they work, I guess it will be worth it.

    And yea, I apprechiate an honest and constructive feedback way more than anything else, so really thanks for that :) Coming from a christian home where my family believes metal is a satanic piece of garbage, I never got anything but them telling me I should stop as soon as possible, so I'm really not used to being given positive or constructive feedback XD So again, much apprechiated and I'll look into getting the KTVA program as soon as I can.

    Thanks for everything man, all the best

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