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Request for link to buy KTVA course vol 1 in Spanish and watch free videos.

Hello, dear people at KTVA.

I'm already a student with your course. The thing is that I own a rehearsing room in Argentina and I've been asked a few times to give singing lessons by some of the singers that come to rehearse to my room. I don't feel qualified yet to teach cos I'm only just learning myself so, what I do is recommend your course to every singer who asks my opinion or who asks me to give them lessons.
Today I told one of these singers that I would send him the link to buy volume one in Spanish but I can't find the link where to do so. I've only found a page where to buy the whole course in Spanish.
Also, I remember watching 3 free videos in Spanish which I can't find either now.
Would you please send both links?

Thanks you!!



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