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Your reason to buy these lessons

Hey there!

I'm considering excessively to buy these promising lessons!
Not only are all of these lessons way cheaper than just 5 lessons in my own country, but I am very impressed with all the "free" videos all over the web. I'm actually considering buying the pro packs right away.

Now the only question that raised in my head is why did you guys decide to spend a bunch of money just in 1 go to these lessons?


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Because I wanted the voice that I needed in order to sing the songs I had always wanted to, but they were too hard for me, and I had a terrible-sounding voice. This course changed my life, for the better.

    I bought several other courses before buying this one. I spent well over a thousand dollars on courses that were disappointing, and in fact, worthless. These are the Big-Name courses, which I will not name here, but they have big promises, and are actually lies.

    When I heard Ken sing, I said "THAT'S WHAT I WANT!"

    My search was over. You have to do what Ken tells you to do, and it takes work and practice, but the results are tremendous. If you do your part, this course will change your voice, and possibly your life.

    All the Best!

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