Can I get some feedback?

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Hello everybody, I tried to sing House of the Rising Sun, which I find to be a difficult song to sing, and I would like to get some feedback on it. Bear in mind that I've just recently started doing volume 1 workouts, and I'm still figuring out vowel mods and support. Thank you in advance.

** sorry for poor quality of the recording.


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    Hi, @vmalheiros,

    Here is a little feedback. Your consonants are overdone. You will learn more in Volumes 2 and 3 about what to do with your consonants. When you overuse consonants, it has a tendency to shut down the Open Throat, over and over.

    You are hitting that A4 too hard. You need to cut back the air and apply tons of support. The higher you sing, the more you need to apply increased support.

    In addition to increased support and reduced consonants, your high notes will need vowel modifications for the various vowels that are happening, for example, on all of the A4's.

    Implementing these things will help you to sing this song with greater ease. It can take a while to get comfortable and proficient with the chest notes above G4.

    You will do fine. You will learn to slay this song. Take your time, do your workouts, and pay attention to the details Ken adds to the lessons.

    One final thing... Because you are singing the high notes so loud, they are all totally distorted, so to give you better info, you should set the recorder/microphone to not be in a distorted state for your loudest notes. Even if they were perfectly sung, they would be too painful to listen to when the distortion is that bad.

    You know how to get to A4, but you need to learn how to better handle it. You'll get there. You're on your way.

    All the Best!


    Your pitch is good.
  • vmalheirosvmalheiros Pro Posts: 105
    Thank you very much!
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