wasted years demo

hi. i,ve send this track to a band who asked me if i was interested in singing in their band , so far i got no response . i,m pretty sure they are not interested anymore because of this track . So i need some feedback on how i can do it better . i,m on KTVA for about 4 months now . is it just a matter of patience or am i missing something?


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    I think you're mostly missing consistency, and that comes mainly from good, solid support. There are times when you miss the pitch. Solid support helps you to be more consistent and more spot-on with your pitch.

    Some of the high notes are pinched. Your KTVA training is trying to get you using a more Open-Throat approach to the high notes.

    You will gain more strength and consistency in your sound as you continue to work Ken's program. It can take a while to get your foothold really firm with your voice. You'll get there.

    All the Best!

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    oh well i,ve sent them an email , that i only sing for four months and could not sing a single note 4 months ago , and told them it could only get better from here on , and guess what they invited me to sing next week :smile:
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    That's awesome, dude. You will continue to improve, but if you get a chance to work with a band, that will light a fire under you to have to really practice and work to improve even more seriously. It it turns out that they don't select you, then you will still learn from the experience.

    Good for you for doing the follow-up email.

    Good luck!

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