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Thank you! And a question

Hi everyone,
I have been practicing from the KTVA audio workout CDs. No other program told me about keeping an open throat ("It's the law") and modifying my vowels. So I used to always choke on my high notes. But with KTVA, I am able to easily sing low and high notes without any breaks in between. With a few weeks of practice, I am able to hit the pitches of songs by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC & Journey. Thanks to Ken Tamplin!

I have a small problem however. I can only sing these songs with a vowel sound and not actually sing the words. For instance, if I am singing "Don't stop believing", I'll sing "Ooo aaaa uuuu eeeee aaaa" and I can hit the pitches perfectly in the same octave as the original. But when I throw in the consonants and the actual words, I just can't sing the song anymore and I go back to my old bad habits where my voice gets choked. If I try to keep an open throat, the song starts to sound like I am screaming/belting it instead of singing it. How do I transition to actually singing songs instead of just doing the audio workouts?

Thanks a ton!


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