LAH & LEH vowel tracks

hey guys, jus thought its about time I uploaded some tracks and would appreciate some criticism. sorry if the quality sucks and there's some embarassing mistakes. I'm not gonna even take 'em out since I want it put it all out there so you guys get a better picture of how I sound, so here goes:

LAH Vowel:

LEH Vowel:

Thanks for checking it out


  • sspatricksspatrick Posts: 1,278Enrolled
    this sounds really good.  It almost sounds to me like you may be modifying to the Aw(as in loft) a little to early.  You could try hanging on the Ah sound a little higher up.  Also, if you keep that smile in your face, lift the cheeks, you will get a brighter Ah sound.  You could also try cutting back the air a little as you go into the upper range, this will keep it from being shouty.  It should still sound nice and full, but be easier to sustain, and less tiring on the voice.  Great work.
  • rayven1lkrayven1lk Posts: 31Member
    hey patrick, 

    thanks for the feedback...i'm guessing i'm modifying around the D4 which is probably too early...guess I was doing it without realising it. And I know what you mean about the shouty part..i guess the sensation I feel is when I go up towards the note is I can feel the weight drop and then I involuntarily end up shouty, but I am definitely not shouting the note because the sensation is pretty different from when I used to actually shout the note haha, you're speaking about glottal compression, am i right? I'm not there yet, I should have mentioned I'm on volume 2.
  • sspatricksspatrick Posts: 1,278Enrolled
    you could start modifying to the Ah(as in Loft) around F4or F#4.  That should brighten up your tone.  to prevent your voice from getting that shouty tone, think of modifying the vowel to the Uh(as in hook) on those notes.  Keep the support strong, and see what that does to the tone.  I find that it gives it a little more focus.  I do cut back the air, but modifying the vowel will help as well.  There is a good webinar about Glottal Compression on the forum that you could check out.
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Posts: 658Member, Enrolled
    On the LAH vowel scale, same opinion as patrick, modifying too early :o. Also I think your LAH vowel (the starting one without vowel mods yet) needs to be more brighter. It's the bright sound that helps grow the voice! Patrick's advice on smiling helps :)

    As for the LEH vowel scale, I don't think that's shouting but rather cracking? It sounds to me like the throat is regurgitating and closed down. Happens to me sometimes when I don't pay attention XD! 

    Remember to keep that Yawning sensation / drinking water sensation in the back of your throat. That's to keep the throat open. Also don't forget support throughout the full scale until you're almost 3/4 done with the scale then you can start relaxing your support mechanism!
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