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Hey guys, just to do a short introduction here. I'm Mateo, I'm 17 years old and I'm coming all the way down from Croatia(if you guys know where that is:)) I have been interested in singing for all my life and now I bought How to sing better than anyone else VOL 1 and I'm gonna try it and see where that'll take me:) Hope you guys will give my some advice when it's needed:D

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    hi, Perkele
    you've come to the right place. you will get all the support you need here. there is no better program then this on the web!!!

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    Hi Mateo!

    Just to echo what @mivision said, I've tried a number of courses and KTVA really is the best one on the market. Plus, the guys here on the forum are really friendly and helpful ;-)

    You're in good hands. If you follow Ken's instructions and practice regularly then your voice will rock in no time.

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    Thanks everyone for your kind words. @Kokonuhtz,I have a problem opening the link u gave me. I  bought  ONLY VOL1 to see where it'll take me and in case it will help me at some degree,I will buy HTS-Better than everyone else complete course(299 bucks). I guess,because of that,I'm not an enrolled member and therefore,I can't open that link :/
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    Nigel will get your access adjusted shortly.  Help is on the way.


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    Yeah guys,as u may see,Nigel has helped me and now I am an enrolled student. Woah,that was fast. You Forum people are great ;)
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    We're there to help as fast as you can say "Rumpelstiltskin is an awesome name and I shall name that the very first song I write!" :DD
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    @Kokonuhtz,a little q for you(everyone else is welcome)I bought HTS on the first day of having a badass cold and my voice really isn't doing properly atm. Despite of that,I wanted to look at some of the exercises. Now,about open throat,is the doppy sound desirable. I mean,my throat is positioned like when I yawn and I thinks that's good,but somehow,I don't seem to manage the exercises well. Tongue exercise especially. I don't know,but really,mybe it's because of that cold. I read that post you linked me and it helped me to understand some things, but I feel more comfortable if I ask you guys again and "face to face" Sry for that and thanks :D
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    Referring to your question about "Is the dopey sound desireable?"

    No.  Ken does not instruct us at any time to use a lowered larynx sound, to the best of my knowledge.  Open Throat is similar to the beginning of a yawn, or opening the back part of your throat like you do when you are taking a drink of water, but it is not the sound of a yawn.  It is the sound of openness. 

    Don't try to judge your voice based on how you sound now with a badass cold.  Give your voice a chance to recover.  Don't get off on the wrong foot.  Watch the videos and listen to the demos, but give your voice a chance to be ready to rock and grow like you've never done before!

    Once you're ready, go ahead and dive in!

    Kokonuhtz is probably just getting up or has gone to bed on his side of the world.  He'll probably give you similar advice when he comes back by this way.


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    Thanks bob xD I have work too haha. Though starting college next month too so things will be hectic x.x

    As for open throat, it's as bob says. However ken says that we have to use a bright sounds to build and grow the voice. Hence why he kept repeating" its the LAW "on his videos. Make sure you have that exact brightness.

    Also as to why you can't seem to manage the exercises well, in what way can you not manage it well? What problems are you facing / feeling.

    It COULD be the cold. Though when we have a cold, the cords take a longer time to warm up. Try doing the lip rolls about 3x the whole lip roll exercise to help warm You up.

    As for the tongue exercise, it's basically a hum but you stick your tongue out to pull the tongu away from the throat to give you that open throat feeling. Also, when you stick your tongue out for the tongue exercise, try to reproduce the feeling in your throat when you are drink water. When you are ABOUT to swallow the water. That sensation helps to keep an open throat. Or you could try " drinking air " as well. They should have the same feeling as a yawn.

    A demo of you performing the exercises would be great to give us an idea of what you are doing wrong or what problems you are facing xD

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    Oki,thanks for ur advices,guys. I will do it as soon as I can. Maybe even tomorrow. I feel that cold is going away slowly so maybe tomorrow will bring better :)
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    Hey Perkele,

    Hang in there and dont get too down on the exercises.I have only been on the programme for a few weeks and i have had good days and bad days with the exercises.Also these guys on here give great advice and encouragement.

    Stick at it.



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    Hi everybody!!!! My name is Bill and I just enrolled by getting HTSB. I am writing you from Ecuador. I am a US citizen but presently here. I use to be a semi-professional singer many years ago. I went to music school, sang in school choir, church choir and had my own band and performed in 3 states. One year I also auditioned for the Jerry Lewis MD telethon and was accepted.....I haven't had any kind of updated training or anything and kind of lost the fundamentals. So, here I am.



  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357

    Hello, Bill!  Welcome to KTVA! 

    Just jump in there and follow Ken's instructions! You will improve by leaps and bounds from this point forward!

    It's a long-term committment, and will continue to provide improvements for years to come as you keep plugging away at the program!


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