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    I will help you to learn to not try to put your voice in a box.

    Your KTVA training is going to help you to break the barriers between the vocal type-castes.

    I tell people that I am a Baritenor, because my voice spans from low baritone notes (even some Bass notes) up through tenor and into alto and some soprano. There is no point in telling people that you're this or that when you are more than any single one of those.

    You can tell them that you are a Bassobaritenoraltoprano and see what their reaction is.

    Seriously. Don't put your voice into a box. If people tell you they are looking for a tenor, then be a tenor. If they want a baritone, then tell them you can sing baritone. These are just classifications to show your limitations or capabilities. Break down those barriers and be who you want to be.

    All the Best!

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