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I'm Lorrie, a female singer/songwriter from the south coast of England. I also play guitar and teach a foundation in music to young children on the piano.

My heart and soul is founded strongly in classic rock and I want to be a versatile singer in ALL styles that rocks my spirit, blues, soul, jazz etc.

I spend most of my time immersed in my home studio writing songs and melodies; I have been working very hard for the past year in collaboration with a guitarist/musician, using DAWs like Ableton and Logic. We inspire each other with ideas and I am very proud to be part of our unique team, creating the score of songs we have so far completed, and more are constantly evolving. I have so much to say in my songs, and I need to be able to express in my voice what I feel, so that we can record them with vocals that do them justice and bring them to life. My voice right now isn't strong enough or sounding as I would like, and I have so much still to learn.

I have had many lessons with several good and bad vocal coaches; I've followed several dvd/cd courses and exercises over the years; some have cost me dearly in wasted time, money, effort and heartbreak. It has been a very bumpy journey and I have often questioned why I am so compelled to continue for 'the holy grail'!

But compelled I am! So now I am here, like you, to focus and to continue to work hard to improve my vocal abilities.

I joined KTVA on 18th June 2016, got the Pro Course downloads straight away and the DVD's arrived today, 25 June and just 7 days after ordering! That's fast international shipping!

Right from the start, I have that undeniable feeling in my guts and through past vocal study experience that Ken Tamplin's program is going to give me the tools and knowledge to work with, to get me where I want to be with my voice.

I am very happy to be here as part of such an informative, inspiring and supportive online community of singers!

Looking forward to sharing my passion in singing and music with you all!

Happy Singing and Keep Rocking!



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    Hi, @Lorrie!

    We're so glad you have finally arrived at your destination! Like you I spent lots of precious money and way too much precious time trying to make other vocal programs work for me, and they just didn't. When I found Ken's program, I too had that gut feeling that at last I had found what I had been looking for for YEARS!

    I was right, and you are right, too. It will change your voice, and that will change your life, for the better!

    Fasten your seat belt, and get ready for lots of practice, work, and learning.

    You have found your gateway to the singing voice you have always wanted!

    All the Best!

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