Alone & Gone Gone Gone cover

Hi guys,
I would really appreciate some feedback on how to improve from where I'm at.
I feel like I have enough range and stamina to sing most of the songs that I enjoy, but I still don't sound "good".


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    Hi, Christopher.

    I think you're getting pretty close to the point where you are going to start liking the sound of your voice more when you can get a little more consistency in the sound.

    Alone is a good example. The best parts of what I like in these two clips are when your voice is more even and consistent. When it's choppy and has lots of consonants, short stabby notes, its less pleasant.

    A good example of this is the first time you do the chorus of Alone. You stab those high notes to get them out, and the volume jumps up really loud, as well. The second time you do the chorus, your support is better, and the sound of those same notes is more pleasant and more sonorous. The last time the tail end "How do I get you alone?" is the best, almost all of the notes are consistent and they don't stab that time.

    We don't want to bleat those high notes out like a trumpet. We want them to be more sustained and pleasant sounding. Good support will give you more of that, more tone and more consistency, with less jabbing, stabbing notes.

    When we are first becoming able to hit high notes, the tendency is to just belt them out, and that's just part of the learning process. But as we become more used to singing those high notes, we want them to sound better, so we work on our delivery, and want those notes to fit right in with the notes around them. That is consistency. Keeping notes more even, by making our breath more even through support. Pushing down on the diaphragm for the high notes, so they will be more of an even sound.

    Also, go through the part of the forums on Applying KTVA Methods to Songs. There is a lot of information about minimizing consonants and maximizing vowels. That really helps to smooth out your voice. It will become more and more sonorous as you learn to make a more consistent sound.

    You do have a good range. Now you want to work on consistency and overall sound, maintaining an Open Throat as much of the time as possible.

    All the Best!

  • christopheryangchristopheryang Pro Posts: 9
    Thanks Bob, I really really appreciate your advice and analysis.
    I think I've made some improvements already, on keep the throat open and downplaying the consonants.
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