Hi to all my new friends. My name is Joey. I live in Brooklyn, New York.

Hi again every future singer. I have been playing the Bass Guitar for 33-years. The Bass Guitar is my Heart and Soul. I play in a very popular Metallica Tribute Band in New York City, even though Iron Maiden is my all-time favorite band since 1983. At 47-years of age I decided to take these vocal courses from the AMAZING Mr. Ken Tamplin. My goal is to put 100% of my effort into learning to sing very similar to James Hetfield of Metallica. I listened to Ken Tamplin and he blew me away. He is beyond amazing. I truly believe that with hard work and tremendous effort I will be singing like James Hefield. I wish everyone good luck in your endeavor to learn how to sing like a pro.
Thank you,
Joey. : )


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