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Trouble with a chorus - Highway Star

Jewel142Jewel142 Member Posts: 13
Hi - my band and I are performing the song Highway Star by Deep Purple. My problem is the chorus. There is a harmony on the chorus. When singing "I'm the Highway Star" one voicing goes up to A, the second one drops to E. I can hit the lower E spot on but I am struggling to hit the A when I add the words. I'm either sharp (pushing too hard) but if I ease back, I go flat. When I sing it in my head voice I can hit consistently it but I'd rather try to use a mixed voice since it's more powerful and the song is a more aggressive song.

Any suggestions?


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    huberthubert Pro Posts: 125
    edited July 2016
    Yeah this chorus part "I'm a highway star!" is just right on the resonance shift point. You have to shed the weight of the sound and lean on the support to get it right (clean and powerful). Imagine that all the resonance shifts into the upper part of your mouth, you're getting rid of that muddy, thick sound that is present on the lower notes but maintaining the character of chest voice (like shouting in the street 'heey!' high). Think light on the throat and heavy on the muscles engaged in breath support. Also keep the vowels closely related (remember about the vowel mods!!!), exercise this part without consonants first, then add them back. Keep the volume medium or medium-high at best.
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