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Hey, Im sorry! Lol I still cant comment?

Hey guys!

To anybody seeing this who may have seen my last post, Im sorry about the confusion! Lol for some reason, I still cant seem to be able to comment? Has anyone else experienced anything like that by any chance? Well anyways, Ill just post my comment on here for anyone who may be interested who saw the last post:p sorry about the confusion! Lol

Oh hey guys!

Sorry this response is kinda delayed! Haha but uhh, in response to which I plan to use it for, do you guys think I should maybe lean more towards scales? Well, let me put it this way lol.

Ive kinda been struggling to get through a lot of the program (for some reason it just wont happen?:0) lol, but anyways, I was thinking maybe I could use this lesson, not only to help me in that sense and to get myself back full swing, but I was also thinking I could maybe use it to work on other aspects, such as more touch ups on Glottal Compression and some other things, to kinda make sure I can get everything down, ya know? Haha, well Im not too sure how the lessons work, as Ive never had a full one other than consultations:p So, for what Im thinking of working on (If that made any sense! Lol) which do you guys think might work better if you know? Maybe working on songs? Or on scales? If you guys maybe have any idea, thoughts would be greatley apprecciated!:D

Haha, so if anyone has any ideas by chance of what you guys maybe think I should try?

Thank you!:D

Haha that it!



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    sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    work on the scales to your vowel modifications, and support down.  the scales only involve vowels, so will be easier to address any technical issues.  I always work on songs after i do a vocal workout.  You may notice more tension when working songs, due to consonants etc.  This is what the vowel modifications are designed to help with.  Keeping the throat open through phrases, not closing down the throat.  I advise doing both the scales, and working on songs.  If you have to shorten the vocal workout to maybe a few key exercises.  The Lah, Ee vowel exercises would be good to focus on.  also, try working the sliders ex. into your daily workout.  These work great if you are pressed for time.  i hope this helps.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358


    If you're talking about what to work on with Ken in a lesson, then you definitely should have a couple of songs to work through that you need some help with.  Also, you should show him the parts of the exercises that are giving you the most trouble and difficulty.  I think in another post voodoo recommended you record the lesson.  THAT IS A MUST.

    Most folks use Pamela.  It's cheap and works well enough to capture a Skype lesson for later playback. 

    Write out some notes so you have an outline of what you want to accomplish with a lesson, some hurdles you want to get past.  Set some goals and let Ken help point you in the right direction.  You need to be your own best advocate to show him what you want to accomplish and where you are right now, so he can help you attain your goals.

    You've made it clear that you want to belt and wail, so Scott's advice on working out on sliders is right on the money.  That's the expressway to the control and range you will need to belt and wail.  But Ken expects you to do the work it takes to be ready for the next step.  He likens it to handing over the keys to the Ferrari to a kid who hasn't finished driver's ed yet! If you wanna Belt, Wail, and Distort, you need to do your homework! There is NO SHORTCUT to a professional voice. 

    Get your voice ready and strong for the tasks you want it to do.  To be a vocal athlete, you must get into shape.  There is no substitute for workouts, workouts, workouts!  Do them and enjoy the results of your hard work!

    Good Luck, and may the Force be With You!


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