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The Beatles are not great musicians!?

KevinGremKevinGrem Pro Posts: 217
In the volume 3 DVD in the video about finding your voice and style, Ken says that the Beatles are great artists but they're not great musicians. Wow, really? Ken you don't think the Beatles are great musicians? They are some of the most naturally talented songwriters of all time, they were the first band to write and play their own music, they innovated countless amounts of new styles of rock, and they were one of the most influential bands of all time. I'm not even that big of a Beatles fan but COME ON, you can't tell me they're not good musicians. Maybe you should elaborate more on what you meant by that because I don't understand how you can think that.


  • seekerseeker Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 83
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    I don't even consider the beatles good artists.

    A good artist/group would be someone like Led Zeppelin, Robert Johnson, Guns N Roses, Deep Purple, Chester Bennington, Freddy Mercury, Brian May, Jimi Hendrix.

    These people honed their skill to the max, they delivered something extremely unique musically, the beatles were more of a boy band, they practiced but they weren't extremely into the music, their songs didn't convey deep meaningful stuff and the instrumentals were nothing impressive, extremely basic chords at best.

    Now put the entire beatles combined, they don't come remotely close to Jimi Hendrix for instance, he was something else entirely, that is true mastery.

    I don't care if you're a beatles fanboy or not, pick a guitar, try to learn their songs and then try to learn singing or playing songs by the names I mentioned above.

    The only reason the beatles got good is because they played for like 8 hours every day almost 6 days a week at hamburg and europe for like 3~4 years before they got back to US/England, they themselves said they were happy to be getting booze and have sex every day and that's why they mainly did it, it's not like they were driven to express themselves like others who feel like they have no voice without the music.

    I read about it in the book called The Outliers, it's just that the beatles were relevant to that era, if they tried playing today, they'd be the nobodies at best, at least "the nobodies" would be a name lol.
  • rocket465rocket465 Member Posts: 3
    Wow my eyes hurt from reading all this ignorance by seeker. Such an embarrassing post it's cringe worthy.
  • KevinGremKevinGrem Pro Posts: 217
    Funny thing is, I am NOT a Beatles fan. I have no emotional investment in this topic at all. I am speaking from an objective, impartial point of view. It is a FACT that The Beatles were great musicians.
  • RandeeRandee Posts: 28
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    There really needs to be a delete option on here.
  • RandeeRandee Posts: 28
    I started a new topic in response to this one debunking the inaccurate ignorant things that Ken and seeker who ludicrously,ignorantly called The Beatles a boy band.
  • RandeeRandee Posts: 28
    Rate Your Music Users Who Think Led Zeppelin Are Painfully Overrated


    This Band Is Everything That Is WRONG With Music, a Rate Your Music Site moderator,Benimal only says Led Zeppelin is the worst.


  • RandeeRandee Posts: 28
    I have found a lot of people on music forums who hate or don't like Led Zeppelin even some on heavy metal forums. And even some people who for some puzzling reason like their music,say they can't stand Robert Plant's awful screeching,screaming and whaling vocals.

    The Boston Globe has an online article from March 2009,called I Confess I Don’t Like… written by all of their music critics and Luke O’Neil wrote that when people talk of classic bands they don’t like they’re really speaking in coded language.He said for example “I don’t like The Beatles.” is the same as saying,”I’m a liar” he said but when I say I don’t like Led Zeppelin there’s no subtext. He then says a lot of it has to do with Robert Plant’s fiendish helium-powered caterwauling. He says he tends to prefer bands with vocalists not police sirens in tight pants.He also said the lyrics which run the gamut unimaginative doggerel to too-imaginative fantasy goofs don’t help.

    He then says sure they inspired a lot of great bands,but should we not then hold them accountable for the thousands of downright awful imitators they’ve inspired? Remember that whole hair metal thing in the 80’s? He says who do you think put the bustle in those dudes hedgerow? And grunge? He says that was basically goateed Led Zeppelin on Smack.


    Rock music critic John Mendelson never liked Led Zeppelin either.

    Van Halen in the late 70's early-mid 80's with David Lee Roth sounded a million times better! So do the Who,The Rolling Stones,The Eagles,etc and The Beatles are a zillion times better.
  • RandeeRandee Posts: 28
    In this Music discussion Most Underrated/Overrated Artists on the site Music Banter this guy Urban HatCmonger who even likes hard rock and heavy metal music said the first most overrated is Led Zeppelin and said in parenthesis, bombastic c*ck rock and nothing else.

  • RandeeRandee Posts: 28
    Rate Your Music Top 1000 Rock Artists Queen is number 75,The Beatles are so rightfully number 1


    And on the site Digital Dreamdoor where many musicians are members The Beatles are the number 1 Greatest Rock Artists.


    On their 100 Greatest Rock Bass Guitarists Paul McCartney has been number 8 for many years now, John Deacon is number 32.John Paul Jones is number 27,and Bill Wyman is number 95.


    Out over 100 Greatest Rock Drummers Ringo Star is number 13,Roger Taylor is number 31 and Charlie Watts is number 91..


    Out of 200 Greatest Rock Song Writers John Lennon and Paul McCartney are of course number 1 members of Queen are number 47.

  • viniciusoliveiraviniciusoliveira Enrolled Posts: 303
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    Thats subjective. Someone who is a great musician to me might be a bad musician to you and so on. If you ask me, what Ken said was "the Beatles didnt use complex resources (tough chords and scales) on their music". Most stuff the Beatles did were made of ordinary chords and scales.
  • seekerseeker Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 83
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    Randee said:

    In this Music discussion Most Underrated/Overrated Artists on the site Music Banter this guy Urban HatCmonger who even likes hard rock and heavy metal music said the first most overrated is Led Zeppelin and said in parenthesis, bombastic c*ck rock and nothing else.


    Well bro, I still cannot stand the sound of the beatles, guess we all have our own standards for what great music is.

    They're not bad as artists but they're not something I'd listen to for inspiration or even listen to personally on a regular basis.

    There are people who think the same of the Beatles as many as you linked regarding Zeppelin and it's fine. As long as they inspire you, keep going for it.
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