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Hello everyone im jason and I jst got here and would like to say that I am very excited about this im recording a cd in Sept after 20 years. first instincts is going to the studio no we haven't played in 20 years but we still got it going onnnnn but im having difficulty with my throat strain and finding that I cant hit axl rose notes anymore I use to be able to reach axl rose notes and higher longer bt now im nit even clise why and wgat do I need to do


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    Well, Jay,

    Nice to meet you. 20 years is a while to be away from regularly singing, and as we age, we have to work a little bit harder at keeping the voice in good shape.

    Hitting Axl Rose notes and sound is something not everybody can walk into the studio and do, without using proper methods and working your way up to that level of intensity and range. In fact, very few can do that after a 20 year vacation, unless they do some real, focused preparation.

    Mostly here we are about getting your voice into good shape to be able to sustain a lifetime career of good, healthy, long-lasting singing, including belting, distortion, clear and clean singing and everything else... as long as it's done safely and in a healthy manner.

    So here it comes... you need to work on your voice from the ground up.

    There isn't just one tip or ten tips that will give you the information and the results you need. It's working on the voice as a whole... correctly, and long enough to grow lasting results.

    Many of us here have been in bands or recording situations most of our lives... and we all had our own, self-taught ways of "singing" that we walked in the door with... but we didn't really know how to properly sing. We had just improvised, or used this method or that, not realizing that 97% of all vocal programs out there just don't work, and self-taught or "Natural-Born" singers mostly end up with a very short-lived singing career.

    So the best advice is to get the best singing program money can buy, and do some serious work on your voice, from the foundation to the rafters. Learn to do it right, and learn to sing safely.

    Here, we all know that KTVA is the real thing. It works.

    I'm excited about your recording, too. I just got together week before last with some of my musician friends that I haven't seen for years, and it was a blast!

    If you have specific questions, we're interested in hearing them.

    All the Best!

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