Hi everyone, I'm Toby!

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Hey guys!

My name is Toby and here's my singing story:

I'm the lead singer of Travis, the End. We're a small time hardcore outfit from Sweden who've been playing together for close to two years now. This winter we recorded an EP and it was a lot of fun, but exhausting for my voice and I felt like I wasn't putting my best foot forward when after a few hours my voice got weak.

I've been singing for about six years. I'm mostly self taught, starting out with wanting to scream for metal music. Me and a few friends were practising together, trading tips and experiences. After a while I got a decent scream and I discovered how learning better breathing techniques improved my clean singing as well! That opened up a whole new world of inspiration for me and I realized that maybe I could learn to sing as well!

But it's tough. Some days I love my sound and I feel like I can do anything and some days I'm just terrible. It's unneccesarily stressful to play shows not knowing if you'll be able to properly perform. I've been hovering over the "Buy now" button on the KTVA course for a couple of years and I finally felt like I was ready to give it a go and really try to build a solid voice. I'm inspired, I know it's possible, and now I want to be able to rock peoples faces off, night after night.

That's my singing story, sorry if it went a lil' in depth. I'm incredibly psyched to finally have taken this step and honored to get to be part of such a sprawling community of people supporting each other and doing what we love; sing.

Let's do this!


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    Hi, Toby.

    Well, it's about time you quit hovering and start learning how to save your voice. I did the same thing. I knew in my heart and my brain that KTVA was the real thing. But I hesitated, because "A" I thought it was a lot of money and finances were really tight, and "B" I had been ripped-off time and again by all of the most famous singing courses, the ones that say they will teach you to "Sing, really sing" and to have "Success". I was hesitant.

    After I bought KTVA, I realized that by hesitating I had lost about a year of vocal progress by not going for it immediately. KTVA is the beginning of the rest of your vocal life, and it's better to start it sooner than later, simply because singing is a lifelong journey, and you need to get started on it.

    It takes time to get through the course and do it right, but in time you will find that you increase your range, improve your tone, build stamina, and if you follow Ken's instructions, your days of blowing out your voice will be gone. He takes you from the basic building blocks of proper vocal techniques all the way to very advanced methods. You just have to put in the time, practice, focus, and effort.

    There's a lot to be excited about, because you'll be discovering the voice that is inside of you, and learning how to build it and take care of it.

    The price of KTVA is lower than it was when I was hesitant. It's an incredible bargain, especially when you realize that other programs are worthless and KTVA is like solid gold by comparison. I highly recommend the ProPack Bundle.

    We look forward to the beginning of your journey!

    All the Best!


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    Thank you, Bob. You're the man :)
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    Hi Toby :) I hovered too but not for quite as long....This is going to be AWESOME!
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